Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Reason

I was reading something and it referenced something I'd never heard of. It's a Quaker tradition called a Clearness Committee. The rationale is that if you are faced with a decision, are seeking direction in your life, etc. you convene this "committee". The goal of this group is not to make your decision, force your hand or any other type of thing. It is a group of people whose opinions and perspective carry weight with you. They meet to hear each other out, the idea being that through the process you gain clarity in the matter.
I'm facing no specific issue, but you've been invited because I feel that you are a group of people that I trust to give thought to questions and speak the truth. This is my first blog, so it will be pretty cumbersome at first. Hopefully it gets better the more we do this. Or it gets worse and then you can make fun of me whenever you see me (assuming this doesn't already happen)